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They’ll Deep Clean YourVehicle While You Shop At CFChinook Centre

August 31, 2022, Calgary, Alberta

Cleaning your vehicle in Calgary is now easier than ever thanks to a successful

Saskatoon business’ expansion; book online and drop your vehicle off with

YYC Quick Clean at CF Chinook Centre’s parkade and they’ll clean while you

shop (starting September 16th, 2022).

● A successful Saskatoon business is bringing their business model to Calgary

● Shoppers enjoy the convenience of their service, including the location,

online bookings, and texts when the vehicle is ready.

● Their opening date is September 16th

A new business is opening at CF Chinook Centre and it’s in the parkade. This

is the way that business owners Piotr Sztorc and Lindsay Quick (husband and

wife) prefer it, as they’ve proven in Saskatoon. They’ve been successfully

running YXE Quick Clean out of the parkade at Midtown shopping centre

(Saskatchewan’s largest shopping mall) for several years and are excited to

bring their services to Calgary.

Customers in Saskatoon love the convenience of their location because they

can run errands, go shopping, or have a meal while their vehicle is being

cleaned. They also like that they can book appointments ahead of time and

get notified by text when their vehicle is ready.

“Life is busy and we have seen how our service makes enjoying a clean vehicle

convenient for busy professionals,” says owner Lindsay Quick. “We can’t wait

to help Calgarians check ‘clean the car’ off their to-do list.”

All arrangements have been made including signage, a kiosk, a drop off area,

and an area reserved for cleaning. YYC Quick Clean will be open for business

on September 16th, 2022.

Shoppers can soon book appointments at or stop by

the kiosk to see if there’s a spot available that day. Interior Quick Cleans start

at $219.95 and Exterior Quick Cleans start at $29.95. You can find more

information on their website.

YYC Quick Clean makes it easy to have a clean vehicle. Located at CF

Chinook Centre’s parkade in Calgary, their professional and friendly team will

clean your vehicle inside and out while you shop, run errands, or enjoy a

meal. With online booking and an average turnaround time of two hours, it

has never been easier to check “clean the car” off your to-do list.


Press Contact: Lindsay Quick

Phone: 306-700-5599


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