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Selling your car? It's just like selling your house!

We have seen a LOT of these info-graphics lately as people start thinking about the new year and potentially a new house.... or car.

Your vehicle is your second largest purchase just behind your home so it makes sense that a lot of the prep work into getting the top dollar during a sale is the same between the two.

Take a look at the above info-graphic for some tips on how you can get the most money out of selling your vehicle. You'll notice the "keep it simple" tip is to bring it to us. Save your time and frustration by letting our team at YXE Quick Clean take care of prepping your vehicle to show its very best.

Our Midtown Plaza shopping location makes it really convenient for you to drop off your car and get some errands, shopping or lunch in downtown. Come back to a sparkling clean vehicle that will not only make you proud to show it but will sell faster and for more money. Book your detail online today. Need some tips on how to take the best pictures of your vehicle to help it sell? We've got a post on that too!

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