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The 1 thing you need to protect the value of your vehicle

We have cleaned THOUSANDS of vehicles in Saskatoon. Big or small there is one thing that is a game changer for maintaining the value of your second largest investment.

Good - covers the worst areas (drivers seat and back bench foot space) Road trips, daily commutes, joy rides. Whether you spend an hour in your vehicle a day (the average amount of time spent in a vehicle for Canadians) or only bring her out for special occasions there is one EASY thing you can do to keep your ride clean.

Rubber floor mats.

Yep. That's it. Cheap gas station ones to customized mats made specifically for the make/ model of your vehicle are best (and easy to find) all help. Price range from $20 - $300.

Best - just imagine the state these carpets would've been in without the mats :/ Investing in floor mats will save your carpets.

Saskatchewan weather is harsh and to be able to get top dollar (and the most enjoyment) out of your vehicle, floor mats are a game changer. You can get them anywhere - department stores, gas stations, online. We have our favourites (WeatherTech and Husky) but understand they aren't affordable for everyone. REGARDLESS of your budget please get something in between the muddy/ salty/ dog sh*t covered soles of your shoes and your carpets. You will thank us later - specifically when you get more money in your pockets when it comes time to trade in or sell your vehicle.

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