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Quick tips to keep your vehicle windows clean

See what we did there? "Quick" tips!

Another beautiful Saskatchewan sunset.

After such a hazy weekend, with poor visibility, it seems like the right time to talk about your vehicle windows. Every vehicle has them. We use them to shoulder check, wink at the neighbour in the next car and watch those gorgeous Saskatchewan sunsets. When was the last time you thought about how they protect your safety?

Keeping your ride's glass and mirror components clean and clear will not only make your ride look good, but it will also help you drive better and more safely. Your windshield, side, and rear windows may need to be cleaned even if it's not time to wash the entire vehicle. Find our tips below for doing that effectively and efficiently.

1 - Clean the windows last and follow an order

There is nothing worse that cleaning the inside of your car, jumping in, and finding your forgot to wipe off those puppy kiss streaks on the back window. Are you going to stop your car and fix it? Probably not. Do yourself a favour and clean the windows in your vehicle as the last step and follow an order. Work clockwise starting from the driver side, inside first and then outside (or whatever makes you happy so long as you don't miss a window!).

PRO TIP: When it comes to cleaning the rear window, use wiping motions that are parallel with the heating grid lines. This way, you can get the ridge edge of the copper heating element clean. If you wipe across the strips, the rag can't get to the edge - it skips over and leaves a film edge on both sides of the copper strip.

2 - Use ammonia free glass cleaner

Ammonia is a common ingredient in commercial household cleaners (looking at you Windex) because it is great to dissolve and remove grease and other residues however, when it comes to your vehicle it's not the right choice. Ammonia dries out plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather as well as damages those tinted windows you paid so much to get done. Use an ammonia-free cleaner.

3 - Use high quality micro fibre towels

Really just a handy thing to have in your vehicle at all times these great multi-purpose tools are perfect as they provide a gentle scrubbing surface to remove contamination without damaging your vehicle's finish.

4 - Wipe your wipers!

Easily forgotten, but regularly used, the windshield wipers of your vehicle are key to maintaining your windshield streak and scratch free. Dried out or cracked wipers won't remove the water as they should, impairing your visibility when you need them the most. Check them now, while the weather is nice, and clean them with the same ammonia free glass cleaner you used on the windshield. If the rubber is cracked replace them (it is recommended to replace them every 6 months or so).

Thanks for reading and enjoy these beautiful summer days while we've still got them!

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