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Helpful low-tech gadgets for your vehicle

We have had the opportunity to see many different vehicles in our time and we have been surprised to find some interesting, and helpful, accessories that people are using.

Here is our breakdown of the top three gadgets we've come across that will make your daily commute or road trip more enjoyable.

1. The Console Side Pocket Organizer

Low tech and SO handy this little gadget takes care of the change that finds its way into your centre console, stops your cellphone from landing in the

carmuda triangle and is adjustable for different types of vehicles.

2. Tissue Holder (you can actually find)

Remember when your grandparents had that tissue box that sat in the back window of their car? It was always full. Not because they remembered to re-fill it but because it was so difficult to get to that it was never used. Get your hands on something like this unit and have tissues available for your next "oh no" moment in your vehicle.

3. Coat Hanger

It's winter and you're driving for longer than an hour. You know you're going to be too hot in your jacket BUT you don't want to throw your jacket on the backseat or hang it on that little hook at the back window (wrinkles and blind spots). What do you do? Get yourself one or two of these units!

These are our three favourite low-tech vehicle accessories that we've come across in our travels.

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