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Cleaning your child's car seat

If you've got children, you've got car seats. You can't leave the hospital with a newborn without confirming you have an appropriate child's car seat.

When was the last time you cleaned this important piece of equipment?

Just another thing to do in a never ending list of things? Not to mention that every manufacturer recommends that you completely remove the cover and hand wash it with mild soap while leaving it to air dry. You have time for that? We didn't think so.

When you bring your vehicle in for a detail we can also take care of the seat that keeps your child safe.

Steam cleaning was made for this application. Our strong suction vacuums find the littlest pieces hiding in the cracks and crevasses and then the high heat of steam cleaning kills the bacteria while lifting stains. We use no chemicals in this process as we know that everything goes in your child's mouth. Chemicals do not belong there and through our process they are not necessary!

Add this service to your next vehicle detail and check another thing off your list!

For some completely relate-able laughs.....

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